Grizzlies Off-Season Conditioning Program

BokSmart - Physical conditioning for rugby

Hey guys. We all agree that we need to do more to bring up our game. I’m starting an 12 week off-season conditioning program that is open to anyone and everyone. Please get back to me if you’re interested in joining at the Rec Centre. The program is taken from the South African Rugby Conditioning manual and includes a very well rounded amount of training circuits that include not only gym based exercises but also no gym alternatives.

The schedule will be:

Monday Morning for 1 hour
Tuesday Evening for 1 hour
Wednesday Morning for 1 hour
Thursday Morning for 1 Hour
Friday Afternoon for 1 Hour
Saturday Morning for 1 Hour

If you’re any active member of our team this is highly recommended winter work, please contact Keith Page @ to express your interest. I’ve also attached the program for those who want to follow along at home.

BokSmart - Physical conditioning for rugby (dragged) 1

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